The Austrian contribution to the World Expo 2025 in Osaka "Composing the Future" uses the connecting theme of music to create a fascinating future composition together with its guests.

In this way, the diversity and performance of Austrian society, business, science, art and culture are convincingly staged and ideas and concepts are presented that contribute to a responsible and sustainable future development.

The scenography is based on the main theme of the Expo and is intended to illustrate the Austrian contribution to shaping the future of man and society in the sphere of action of nature, tradition and innovation. Inspiration and innovation for the prosperity of people and the environment.

The Austrian pavilion

In the Austrian pavilion "Austria - Composing the Future", music becomes a metaphor for a world community in which the triad of man, nature and technology once again create a harmonious tone.

This harmony can be experienced architecturally in the pavilion. Visitors immerse themselves in a sculptural band of music that becomes a projection and interaction surface for future-oriented technologies and innovative solutions that contribute to the design of a sustainable and inclusive society. Tradition, nature and innovation made in Austria stage the image of a score.